Protecting Justice on the Job:

What’s at Stake

Every week, hundreds of thousands of workers find their paychecks come up short because their employer has stolen their hard-earned wages.

It used to take months or years for these workers to get justice, and many never got a day in court. Then California passed the Private Attorneys General Act; it means that workers can take their case to a judge and when they’ve exhausted all other options to recover stolen wages or hold employers accountable for breaking our laws.

Under this law, companies like Walmart have been held responsible for millions in stolen wages, and other states are looking to follow California’s lead. Greedy corporations are trying to weaken or overturn the law so they can get back to robbing from working people without any consequences.

Protect Justice on the Job:

Oppose AB 2016

Companies steal $2 Billion from low-wage workers’ paychecks each year

California adopted the Private Attorneys General Act (“PAGA”) in 2004 to help workers hold companies accountable when they cheat workers out of wages, put workers’ safety at risk, or violate workers’ rights. The law has been successful in helping workers recover millions of dollars in earnings and keeping employers honest.

But big corporations and the California Chamber of Commerce want to reverse this progress and allow employers to escape responsibility for violating the law.

AB 2016 (Fong) will eliminate the promise of justice for California workers by gutting PAGA.