Protect Justice on the Job:

Don’t Let Corporations Steal Justice from Wage Theft Victims

Each week, thousands of Californians become victims of wage theft when their bosses steal hard-earned money right from their paychecks. Unlike most states, California has a way for victims to get justice through our courts, to recover their stolen wages and hold the corporate thieves accountable.

Now, urged on by Trump and a Congress intent on rigging the economy for the rich and against working people, CEOs and corporations want to take away workers’ day in court. If they succeed, hard-working people who are victims of wage theft will lose a critical path to justice and employers will be able to steal more from workers, without any consequences.

Join these organizations who are committed to protecting justice on the job, and stopping any attempt to repeal or water down the Private Attorneys General Act:

  • Consumer Attorneys of California
  • California Labor Federation, AFL-CIO
  • California Employment Lawyers Association
  • California Professional Firefighters
  • California Teamsters Public Affairs Council
  • CRLA Foundation
  • SEIU California
  • UFCW Western States Council

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