Don’t Let Corporations Steal Justice from Wage Theft Victims.


Protect Justice on the Job.

California cracked down on greedy corporations and CEOs that get rich from stealing workers’ paychecks with the Private Attorneys General Act. Now the corporate bandits are trying to erode this crucial path to justice for workers so they can go back to breaking the law and stealing our pay without any consequences.

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Join the Campaign.

Join leading workers’ rights organizations who are committed to protecting justice for workers through the Private Attorneys General Act.

“The Private Attorney Generals Act is often the only path to justice for workers who’ve had their pay stolen by their bosses. If this important law is weakened, workers will be left with little recourse while cheating employers get away with stealing millions.”

Mark Schacht

Deputy Director, CRLA Foundation


What’s at Stake.

In most states, workers have nowhere to turn when their boss steals their wages, but California led the way to justice and protection for workers. The Private Attorneys General Act means California workers can go to court to collect their hard-earned wages and hold offender employers accountable for breaking the law. But greedy corporations and CEOs want to close this path to justice, so they can steal from workers without consequence. It’s another way corporations and CEOs are trying to rig the economy toward the rich and powerful.

Billions Stolen

A landmark UCLA study found wage theft from low-income workers exceeds $1 billion each year in Los Angeles alone. African-American, Latino, and immigrant workers are most likely to be victims of wage theft. It used to take months or years for workers to get justice when their wages were stolen, if they ever got a day in court. Enforcement and recovery were rare.

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A Fair Days Pay

Through the Private Attorneys General Act, California helped level the playing field for workers by letting them take corporate thieves to court, resulting in millions in stolen wages recovered from workers.

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Fighting Corporate Greed

Now, corporations and CEOs want to weaken California’s landmark worker protection law and go back to stealing our pay without any consequences.

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